About the Writer

Dear Diary,

I am more than meets the eye.

I am aware that my mind, like the T.A.R.D.I.S, is bigger on the inside.

I am a believer of the knowledge that Winter is Coming, so I have traveled south from a Great Abbey in the North.  The forgotten sister, Lady Katherine…close friends may have the privilege to call me Kat.

I am one that allows my “little gray cells” to think and take notes about the world around me.

I am a walker of the Misty Mountains, Midsomer, and the Enchanted Forests.

I am friend to elves, hobbits, fairies, and the unaccepted.

I am a walker through closet doors to reach the mysterious lands in my imagination with hopes to join the Doctor and protect the Na’vi.

I am smiling at the sight of unicorns, bubbles, glitter, sparkles, metallics, & God.

I am connected to the vivid colors Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, & Fuchsia.

I am a supporter of Gryffindor…ALWAYS.

I am a follower of Christ the King!

I am educator, reader, writer, mind traveller.

I am wife, daughter, sister-in-love, niece, cousin, puppy mommy, & friend.

I am a spirit being experiencing life in a human body, chosen for me by God.

I am continually growing up and beginning to finally accept me for me.

This is who I AM.

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