Soul Food Sundays:03

We should be thankful for ALL of the great things in our lives and ALL of the “I want to forget” things in our lives.

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The Sacrifice of Sharing

Earlier this month, I read an article of a mom allowing her child to have the choice of sharing or not sharing his toys with others. She and her son were walking to a playground with a few of his new toys.  Many little boys on the playground ran up to him asking him if […]

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Home Sweet Chicago

There is no place like Chicago.  Who needs New York, when you have Chicago?  I have always been excited about coming to Chicago, which is something I’ve done for all my life.  I was born there, but didn’t have the privilege of growing up there.  I have often wondered how different I might be if […]

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Soul Food Sundays:02

*Soul Food Sundays…nourishment for the soul* “Let your father and your mother be glad, and let her who gave birth to you rejoice [in your wise and Godly choices].”Proverbs 23:25 NIV Before we are born, our parents are proud of us.  The choices we make in life allows them to continue to be proud, or […]

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Your Smile

KATIE, You are the woman that did everything you could to bring me joy.  I remember as a little girl, you trying to sweetly wake me up singing “Arise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory…” while opening the curtains to my window so that God’s Light could shine through.  Oh, the TORTURE of […]

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